September 18, 2008

18 Ramadhan....18 September


Sudah 18 ari berpuasa....& sudah berapa lama blog ni tak bertukar post..huhuhuu...dulu senantiasa sibuk..i have no time to text my post..but now..there's space for me to do anything that i'm thinking to do (just think 1st). Since bertukar unit for about 2 weeks ago (with bad issue......which i still can't accept it), my work routine change 100%, from bz to relax..but i really miss the busiest of myself. Damnnnnnnnnnnn.When doing mind stuck..not productive...passive...But, as my other's officemate said...'just look on the bright side'. Yeahh..thanks my dearest frenzs, that is what frenz for..ermmm..

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