December 26, 2008

5 Danger HoT SpoTs To LoOk OuT foR...

Something to share wiz....

According to Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Vice Chairman of The Malaysian Crime Foundation; there are 3 elements that create a crime scene-oppurtunity, negligence & condusiveness.
There are 5 places that should be aware;

1. HoMe..
Surprise? The safest place is actually the most dangerous
BE ALERT...if see something suspicious; drive to a safe spot or honk (if drive) to alert
your neighbour.

2. ParK!ng LoTs...
Arm YourSelF...having umbrella or any toolwhich can be used as a weapon
....wear flat shoes-easy too run lah :)

3. ATM...
Leave your jewellery at home ( about if that one Mami Jarum? Bracelets penuh
tangan..manyak susah :P)
Not talking to phone-this is the big mistake..we tend to give attention to the conversation than
our money....ishh ishhh..

4. PeTrol StatIons/ConVenienCe Store
This is the places where we will stopping our car long enough for criminals to do what they
want to do such as grab ur bag from the car seat

5. OffiCe/CamPus
-Studies show that many crimes happen at workplace or campus
-Tips : Have companion if need to work or study late
: Work or walk in openareas & pay attention to surround

Source : Women's Weekly (edited version by mieza_hh)

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