March 4, 2009

CONVO - Another story the convo past...the memories remain.. Just to say Congratulations to all my Fiansss yg conquer the top 50..uollsss deserved it babe..

suasana dlm Dewan Plenari, PICC

sebahagian penerima Diploma DPA (gambar petikan Kosmo Online)

Tahniah gak pada Kak Dali yang dapat Anugerah KPPA (Akademik Terbaik). Tp, Kak Dali x dapat hadir coz she's been hospitalised due to pregnant complication (i juz heard about it from frenzz). Moga Kak Dali sihat dan sejahtera. For me, Kak Dali the best mother, best sister...

wiz my luv :)

Kosmo Online was the only media got pic of all the DPA's Graduates (as i know & sorry if i'm wrong) read, just click here :

http://www.kosmo. content.asp? y=2009&dt=0306&pub=Kosmo&sec=Komuniti_ Kita&pg=kk_01.htm

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