August 19, 2009


Well.....actually I can't say it as my hobby yet coz it's still under experiment...hahahahha. Once i did it n got the 'product' then, i will start the new hobby.

Yeahh...I'm in luv wiz planting...not really deep in luv yet till my hubby & i can 'taste' & 'feel' the plant :P

just simple way to planting... put the PEATGRO - the peat that i bought at Pesta Flora into used plastic (plastik beras jerrr polyster or whatever kayyy).

Then put the seeds...then wait lah till it grow grow watered the plants.. :P

the cucumber..growed so fast..ermmm maybe next 2 week or earlier, can eat as ulam or wiz nasi lemak..yummmmy (oppss...fasting maaaaa...)

lady finger..not like cucumber..very slow.....

well..don't know lah sampai bila this hobby-to-be ni akan bertahan...hehhehehe
kalau experiment ni menjadik...berkebun lah kite.... :P

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